The SNOWSPORT® Utility Plow is designed to make plowing convenient and easy. By following these simple tips & techniques, snow removal can be safe and enjoyable. Setting the blade straight forward is the most efficient way to move snow. Always keep current with fresh snowfall, plowing fresh snow is easier. Wet snow can compact and freeze which requires chipping to break it loose before attempting to move it. From the start of the season, push the snow far enough out to allow for future snowfalls. Avoid overloading your equipment, push only enough snow with each pass to get the job done. To start a pass, accelerate slowly allowing for tire traction and blade to accumulate snow. As you come to the end of the pass, lift off the accelerator and start applying brakes as needed. Deep and/or compacted snow may require several passes.

Snow Plowing Techniques

  • When stacking snow in piles, SET BLADE STRAIGHT FORWARD--NOT ANGLED.
  • When pushing snow up to piles, drive in straight on, not at an angle.
  • When pushing new snow to stack up against hardened piles, start a new pile first and then push it up on to hard pile.
  • Always know the terrain before plowing.
  • When transporting blade, secure it to retainer brackets with pins.
  • Do not exceed 65 MPH when transporting snowplow.
  • Do not exceed 10 MPH when plowing.
  • Always wear your seat belt-even when plowing snow.
  • Never plow with your head out of the window-an unexpected sudden stop could result in personal injury.
  • When backing up don't rely on rear view mirrors-turn around and look where you are going.
  • Never pile snow on someone else's property, on streets or sidewalks, by fire hydrants, mailboxes, water drains or electrical boxes.
  • Check with local regulations before pushing snow across roads, it may be illegal.
  • Do not pile snow in or near handicapped parking spaces or other designated parking areas.
  • We recommend plowing during low traffic hours, be cautious of pedestrians, domestic animals and vehicles.
  • Never pile snow where it obstructs visibility of traffic.
  • One technique to always remember, always exercise safety, courtesy and common sense.
  • On a 4WD vehicle select low range.
  • On manual transmission avoid riding clutch.
  • Watch engine heat gauge and avoid overheating.
  • Use our Hold Down Strap to adjust the blade down pressure when plowing gravel, dirt and stubborn snow.
  • Follow vehicle manufacturers specifications for plowing.

Tips & Techniques when plowing snow

All our plowing tips and techniques are taken from the SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow owner's manual. Before operating or servicing your SNOWSPORT® snowplow, you should become thoroughly familiar with the owner's manual.