Light the way with multi-purpose ACI™ LED Light Strips! All our truck bed lights are waterproof, produce bright energy efficient light and bond to nearly any surface with high strength 3M adhesive. Light up dark areas with the push of a button. No more looking around and feeling your way through the dark, our cargo lights will provide the light you need to see. The installation process is quick and can be used on multiple applications, including boats, RVs, fish houses, trailers, truck beds, storage sheds, toolboxes and store compartments. ACI™ LED Light Strip uses are endless!

ACI™ LED Light Strips For Sale

ACI™ LED Lights for sale come in a variety of styles for various uses. Our ACI™ LED Strip Lights connect to any 12V power source, are manufactured with an on/off switch and are available in 12", 24", 39" and 60" lengths. The ACI™ Back-Up LED Light is twice as bright as standard reverse lights to brighten your back-up camera and make obstructions more visible. No access to a power source? No worries! Our ACI™ AA Battery Light and LED Motion Light are 18" long, provide a bright white light and automatically shuts off after three minutes to save battery life.

ACI™ LED Light Dealer

Upgrade your lighting experience by adding better visibility and safety to your truck bed, boat, toolbox or storage sheds, your options are endless! From motion activated lights to easy installation of tailgate light bars, we have the style you are looking for. All pickup bed light options are waterproof and produce bright beams wherever you choose to install them. BuySnowSportPlows is your one stop shop when deciding what truck light is best for you. Equip your truck with a LED light today and start seeing in the dark with ease.