Multi-purpose LED Light Strips. All our light strips are waterproof, produce bright energy efficient light, and bonds to nearly any surface with high strength 3M adhesive.

Light Up Dark Areas with ACCESS® LED Lights!

Get instant light with the push of a button! Trying to find something in a dark truck bed could sometimes be really challenging, but with our LED lights you will get light you need. The installation is quick and easy. Applications include boats, RVs, fish houses, trailers, truck beds, storage sheds, toolboxes and storage compartments.

ACCESS® LED Lights are available in four styles for various uses

All options are waterproof. They produce bright beams wherever they are installed, and they both use a tough 3M adhesive that bonds to nearly any surface. ACCESS® LED Strip Lights: Connects to any 12V power source. The built-in on/off switch allows you to find things in the dark quickly and safely. Available in 12", 24", 39" and 60" lengths. ACCESS® 39" Back-Up LED Light: Twice as bright as standard reverse lights. Brightens up your back-up camera, making obstructions more visible. ACCESS® AA Battery Light: This 18" bright white light provides bright, energy efficient light and shuts off after 3 minutes to save batteries. ACCESS® Motion LED Light: This battery operated 18" light is motion activated with no wiring necessary. The sensor only detects motion in the dark.