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Additional questions? Refer to instructions or contact our Customer Service Team.

With most front mounts, minor trimming of the fascia at front of vehicle is required for a proper install. Refer to front receiver installation instructions for more information.


Snow won’t slow you down with SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow. Secure to a 2 in. receiver for easy and convenient plowing or remove in seconds to store when not in use. A standard heavy-duty push frame and 1 in. thick rubber cutting edge enables SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow to freely move along with the terrain grade to avoid ripping up turf or scratching pavers. No need to worry about electrical components or hydraulics to malfunction, plow engages or disengages along with your driving. Search no further than SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow for an affordable, user friendly plow!

Plow Package includes: Aluminum Blade, Push Frame, Straight Interceptor & Hardware.

NOTE: Front or rear mounts require 8 to 14 inches of clearance from under receiver to level grade when installed. Vehicles with suspension modifications (oversized tires, lift kits, etc.) may cause SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows to fit and operate incorrectly.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Snow Plow Push Frame

Heavy Duty Push Frame

Permits blade to adjust down and up with the terrain. Blade secures with quick pins in the transport or plow position.

Snow Plow 1 Pin Install

Easy on and off

Fastens with one pin, tools not needed. Simply switches from 1 pickup to another when provided with 2 in. receiver. Zero hydraulic and electrical pieces to repair or breakdown.

Aluminum Snow Blade

Corrosion Resistant, Aluminum Blade

Extruded anodized aluminum blade is pickup truck friendly and stacks snow higher than the pickup truck's hood. Blade available in 82 in. long and 14-1/2 in. high.

Rubber Blade

Turf Friendly Cutting Edge

With exceptional performance on asphalt, grass, gravel, concrete and brick, the strong 1 inch solid rubber lasts longer than a metal cutting edge.

No Electrical Wiring

No Wiring or Extra Lights

Low-profile snow plow doesn't block headlights in transport or plow position, not required to remove snowplow when driving.

Down Pressure Strap

Hold Down Strap (optional)

Maintains constant down pressure on the plow. Assists the plow in removal of hard, compact snow. Sold separately

Can I install a SNOWSPORT® Utility Plow myself?

Installation is simple and the instructions are clear-cut. The blade and push frame for all plows should assemble in a little over an hour. To install the front receiver hitch for the SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow or the SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow, plan an additional 30-60 minutes depending on your level of experience. From there the blade attaches in minutes. If you do need assistance, call 1-800-689-6612 between 8:00am - 5:00pm CST.

What does "fascia trimming may be required" mean?

Some front mounts may require fascia trimming. What this entails is that the front receiver portion of the mount may interfere with the lower air dam of the vehicles bumper. Fascia trimming is required when this is the case. It requires a notch being cut into the lower air dam.

How easy is the snow plow to hook up or un-hook between jobs?

The plow is designed to easily attach to your vehicle. Just insert the push frame into the front/rear receiver hitch and secure with the hitch pin. Then hang the blade, one end at a time, onto the push frame and secure the blade with locking pins. This process can be done in less than a minute. Unhooking the plow from the vehicle is just as easy, simply reverse the process.

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Average Customer Rating: star star star star star (7 reviews)

Review by: Clyde H - MO   star star star star star

I purchased the Snowsport and front mount hitch assembly. I have no experience plowing snow prior to using the Snowsport. This product is amazing! It is lightweight which means it goes on quickly and easily. Plowing is easy. I just drive the Jeep. It is so easy to handle and navigate while plowing. I can highly recommend this plow. It has made life much better.

Review by: Dean D.   star star star star star

For our usage, its works great. We have saved a good bit of money this season. We are a non-profit agency and need to use our donated dollars wisely. This purchase was a wise choice to help us with that.

Review by: Michael L. - IN   star star star star star

The Snowsport works really well no problems the first winter and the s10 handles it well.

Review by: Terry W.   star star star star star

I am very happy with this snow plow. I ordered it on a Saturday and got it on Wednesday, the day before we got a foot of snow. I put it on my 1992 F-150 truck and easily cleared my 300 plus foot gravel drive way. Good product.

Review by: Roger S.- ME   star star star star star

I will have to say I love this plow. It only has a couple of drawbacks for me. First of all, the instructions are quite clear on how to assemble but I wished that the holes needed to mount the rubber cutting edge came already drilled. I also found with our early November snowstorm here in northern Maine (it was a very heavy wet snow) that you will have to make a few extra passes to get that wet snow back. I did not use the hold down strap during that storm so I cant say if using the strap would have helped in a situation like that or not. Since these are what I call minor issues, the plow will get 5 stars from me because it will do what it is designed to do and at a decent price as well.

Review by: Ron R.- CT   star star star star star

So far, so good. The plow requires some assembly, but nothing complex. Ive had a lot of use for the plow this winter and it works well. Ill typically plow at 4 inches - any greater snow depth starts to result in a wall of snow, more then my SUV can handle. I totally recommend the plow.

Review by: Frank L.- NH   star star star star star

The plow woks better than I expected and is fine for my purpose. I use it for a rather wide and long driveway. It saves me considerable time compared to the snow thrower.