Questions from our customers about our Snow Plows

Will I be able to assemble a SNOWSPORT® Utility Plow by myself?

SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows can be assembled in about an hour while front mounts can be installed in about a half hour, times vary depending on ability level. Check out our easy-to-follow instructions and helpful install videos.

How heavy are each of the personal snow plows?

96 in. HD Snow Blade weighs 129 lbs., the 84 in. HD Snowplow Blade is 114 lbs. and the 82 in. LT and 180 Plow Blade weighs only 68 lbs.

The 108 in. PRO Utility Blade weighs 186 lbs., 96 in. PRO Tractor Snow Plow weighs 171 lbs., 84 in. PRO Snow Blade for tractor is 156 lbs. and 72 in. PRO Tractor Plow only weighs 142 lbs.

What does the installation mean by "fascia trimming may be required"?

The receiver portion of the front mount may interfere with the bumper's air dam and requires a notch to be cut. Watch how to trim truck fascia.

Will I ever have to repaint the snow blade?

No, the snowplow blade is made with anodized aluminum and will not need to be painted.

How long will the rubber cutting edge last?

The heavy-duty rubber cutting edge may potentially last up to 10 years, depending on the type of terrain and amount of down pressure used.

Can you angle a SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows?

Only the SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow can be angled to the left, right or center.

How do SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows push snow without using hydraulics?

SNOWSPORT® HD, LT and 180 Plows use a motion activated design. Drive forward, the snow plow blade slides up and down adjusting with the terrain. Back up, the personal plow blade tilts back and skims over the ground. Drive forward to re-engage the snow removal blade.

Will SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows be able to plow heavy, wet snow?

Our plows can easily handle as much snow as your truck, tractor or skid steer will push before losing traction. If large amounts of snow are in the forecast, we recommend you plow periodically to stay ahead of the storm.

How fast can I drive during snow plow removal?

We recommend 5 mph when using a SNOWSPORT® LT or 180 Utility Plow and 10 mph when using a SNOWSPORT® HD Plow. When using a SNOWSPORT® PRO Utility Blade on a compact tractor or skid steer, we recommend using the lowest transmission gear.

Is it hard to go from transporting to snow removal?

On the HD, LT and 180 Snow Plows, remove quick pins. Lift the snow shovel blade one end at a time and lower over push frame. Then reinsert quick pins. Once you are done plowing, simply reverse the process.

How do I install or remove the snowplow between jobs?

HD, LT and 180 Utility Plows push frame attaches to your snow removal vehicle using a 2 in. front or rear receiver, simply pull the hitch pin to remove. This also allows the snow plow assembly to quicky transfer in minutes from one vehicle to another.

The universal quick attach mounting interface on your loader or skid steer attaches to the PRO Utility Blades skid steer quick attach plates. Simply engage the quick attach mounting system to the skid steer plates.

What if I hit something while pushing snow with the truck plow?

In unfamiliar terrain, plow at a slower speed with caution. The self-adjusting SNOWSPORT® HD, LT and 180 Utility Plow adjusts with the terrain, the rubber cutting edge will flex and pass over small obstacles. The SNOWSPORT® Pro Snow Plow Blade for tractor features a rubber cutting edge that will also flex to pass over smaller obstacles.

Can I drive on public roads with the SNOWSPORT® Utility Plow attached to my vehicle?

Yes, SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows will not obstruct OEM headlights, but do not exceed 65 mph.

Will the front mount that is already on my vehicle work?

A class III, 2 in receiver mount is required with 8 to 14 in. of clearance. SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows may fit and operate incorrectly on vehicles with suspension modifications.

Will the quick tach system on my skid steer or tractor work?

Yes, a universal quick attach interface is required to use SNOWSPORT® Pro Utility Blades.

Which SNOWSPORT® Pro Utility Blade will work best with a sub-compact tractor?

We recommend the 84 in. or 72 in. Pro Snow Blade for compact tractors with 25HP or less.

Why did my SNOWSPORT® Utility Plow arrive in multiple shipping boxes?

To meet shipping service size and weight requirements, SNOWSPORT® PRO, HD, LT and 180 Utility Plows are packaged in multiple boxes. Front mount ships separately.

Is there a preventative maintenance plan for the snow removal plows?

Before and after each season, we recommend checking all nuts and bolts to make sure they are secure.

Are replacement parts available for SNOWSPORT® Utility Plows?

Yes, you can purchase replacement parts online or call our Customer Service Department at 877-708-4787 to place an order.

What is the warranty for a SNOWSPORT® Utility Plow?

A (1) Year Limited Warranty applies to the personal truck plow and (3) Year Limited Warranty on rubber cutting edge.

What should I do if I have a warranty issue or missing/damaged parts?

Fill out our Warranty Claims Form. A Customer Service Representative will contact you within 48 hours.