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From the makers of the revolutionary SNOWSPORT® Utility Plow, comes the most versatile and innovative snowplow made specifically for All Terrain Vehicles. This easy to use ATV plow is a great addition to any ATV or UTV. The complete plow package comes with a One Year Warranty on the plow blade and a Three Year Warranty on the rubber cutting edge.

ATV plow fits tight spaces

Fits into Tight Spaces

Ideal for maneuvering around corners and sidewalks, our blades are built to deliver performance in the most demanding conditions. Fitting into places where a full size plow can't reach, the SNOWSPORT® ATV plow will move as much snow as your ATV/UTV can handle.

UTV plow widths

Plow Widths

Available in 54", 60", 66", 72" and 78" blade widths, these ATV/UTV snow plows are a full 14 1/2" high and made of corrosion resistant hardened anodized aluminum. The blades are equipped with a 1" thick tough rubber cutting edge designed to improve scraping ability.

ATV snow plow connection

Single Point Connection

With no tricky wiring or complicated install,our SNOWSPORT® ATV/UTV snowplow has become an industry leader in practicality. Using a 1 1/2" square interceptor connection our push frame simply slides into the front mount and is secured with a pin. You are ready to plow snow in seconds.

Angling atv Plow Blade

Angling Blade

With increased options, comes increased performance, that's why the SNOWSPORT® ATV snow plow offers an adjustable 3 point position blade. Featuring straight or dual angled positions, our pivoting plate makes it quick and easy to switch to the one that will work best for you.

SnowSport ATV has a Rust Resistant blade

Rust Resistant Blade

Protecting your ATV/UTV snow plow and making it continue to look like new, our heavy duty, corrosion resistant anodized aluminum blade will never need paint. We've got one tough utility blade.

Lifting ATV snow plow Blade

Easily Lifted

This ATV/UTV snow plow is easily lifted by one person making it ideal for anyone in the family to use. Lifting one end at a time, the blade is lowered onto the durable push frame and secured with a dual purpose keyhole pin. The same operation is used for transport, lift onto push frame and secure with pins. It's that simple.

All Season Use of your ATV and UTV

All Season Use

Year-round landscaping possibilities allow you to use your ATV or UTV 365 days a year for work or play, not just for plowing snow.

  • Blade made of clear anodized, hardened, extruded aluminum
  • Single point connection with 1 " square shaft interceptor
  • Model specific front mount is included
  • Heavy duty 1" thick rubber cutting edge
  • Blade widths available: 54", 60", 66", 72" or 78"
  • All blades are 14 " high
  • One Year Warranty on the SNOWSPORT® ATV Plow blade and a Three Year Warranty on the rubber cutting edge

Can I install a SNOWSPORT® All Terrain Plow myself?

Installation is simple and the instructions are clear-cut. The blade and push frame for all plows should assemble in a little over an hour. Most SNOWSPORT® All Terrain Plow mounts are quickly attached with pins, no drilling or bolting is required. If you do need assistance, call 1-800-689-6612 between 8:00am 5:00pm CST.

What does "fascia trimming may be required" mean?

Some front mounts may require fascia trimming. What this entails is that the front receiver portion of the mount may interfere with the lower air dam of the vehicles bumper. Fascia trimming is required when this is the case. It requires a notch being cut into the lower air dam.

How easy is the snow plow to hook up or un-hook between jobs?

The plow is designed to easily attach to your vehicle. Just insert the push frame into the front/rear receiver hitch and secure with the hitch pin. Then hang the blade, one end at a time, onto the push frame and secure the blade with locking pins. This process can be done in less than a minute. Unhooking the plow from the vehicle is just as easy, simply reverse the process.

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Review by: Brian H. - WI   star star star star star

I really like the ATV plow for the most part. It is very quick to drive forward and then back up when done. I think this is a plus over a winch lift on an UTV.

Review by: K. Wells - MI   star star star star star

The SnowSport ATV plow works great pushing the snow we get here in northern Michigan, the flop design makes working with it breeze.

Review by: Michael L. - IN   star star star star star

I love the SnowSport ATV Plow. Easy to use and efficient!

Review by: G.M. - NJ   star star star star star

It is great with the rubber edge blade it does not damage my asphalt driveway and brick paved sidewalks. I have a very long driveway and parking area next to house. The ATV snow plow gets everywhere we cannot get with the pickup truck with the 8 ft 6 in wide snowplow. Also it is great that you just back up without lifting the snowplow every time, this saves a lot of time. Keep making a great snowplow.

Review by: Wendell T. - OH   star star star star star

Received SnowSport All Terrain 60 inch snowplow within 5 days of order. Opened carton and was pleasantly surprised to find the quality of the product better than expected. The ATV snowplow is built of quality products and workmanship. Mounted the ATV plow on Kawasaki Mule 550, 2 wheel drive and 9 to 10 hp with rear end that locks. Had about 5 inches of snow on top of packed snow and the ATV snowplow performed great. Did my drive and 5 others, one blacktop and 5 gravel, with ease. Believe will do the same with even more snow. Put together in about an hour and a half. Good instructions. I am glad I purchased the SnowSport ATV snowplow.

Review by: M. K. - MN   star star star star star

High quality product. Easy to assemble, 1 hour or less, taking my time. The ATV plow works as advertised. Moved a lot of snow here in Minnesota in December.

Review by: Ryan S. - WI   star star star star star

I installed the SnowSport ATV plow on a Kawasaki Mule 610. The plow works well for my blacktop driveway and doesn't damage grass.

Review by: Doug A. - IA   star star star star star

The SnowSport ATV plow has been used on my Kawasaki Mule ATV for three years now. The snowplow still works as it did when it was new. Works best on powder snow. A great tool for snow removal.

Review by: P.H. - Nova Scotia   star star star star star

I just put the SnowSport ATV/UTV plow together and it was very easy. I thoroughly researched this snowplow online and could not find a negative comment. I was somewhat skeptical about the rubber blade area but again, everything online shows it working and functioning with no issue so I am very comfortable with my purchase. Bring on the snow!

Review by: J.K. - NH   star star star star star

Well, I just used my SnowSport 60" snowplow mounted to my 2006 Kawasaki Mule 610 for the first time, and I must tell you how pleased I am. New Hampshire is Fisher Plow country, and I have owned several Fisher snow plows on full size and compact trucks - but the ease and maneuverability of the SnowSport UTV plow is amazing. My first test was 10" of medium weight snow, and I was able to push 100+ feet of snow at a time with no problems. Thank you very much for a great UTV snow plow - it's nice to see an American company invent and manufacture such a simple, yet well designed snowplow. With the expanding UTV market - you have a winner of a product!

SNOWSPORT® All Terrain Plow - Easy to use ATV snow plow

The SNOWSPORT® ATV Plow offers the same features and flexibility of other SNOWSPORT® plow models, but is designed to fit an ATV or UTV. The ATV snow plow is nimble enough to go virtually anywhere and can effortlessly maneuver around corners, on sidewalks or any other place you need to clear the way in a hurry!

The ATV and UTV snowplow is the perfect solution for reaching places that a truck-mounted snowplow simply can't go. It's available in a variety of plow widths including 54", 60", 66", 72" and 78". No matter the size, each is blade is 14.5-inches tall and has a 1-inch rubber-cutting edge to efficiently move large quantities of snow. The anodized blade is rust-resistant and will never need a new coat of paint.

Installing our ATV/UTV snowplow is just as easy as other SNOWSPORT® snow plows. The blade attaches one end at a time into a front-mount push frame and is then secured with a pin. It comes off just as easily as it goes on, and it's a cinch to transport with your ATV or UTV!

The three-position blade allows for straight or duel-angled positions that work to bring you increased performance. A pivoting blade makes it easy to switch positions as often as necessary - all without the use of controls!

But the best part is, the ATV plow blade isn't just limited to the winter season. You can use it 365 days a year on your ATV or UTV for work or for play! Order online today and your SNOWSPORT® ATV snowplow will ship today free of charge.